Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A 2013

Alex Ben and Caleb played the role of Spike on All My Children. They've been seen in Ghost Town, Ugly Betty and this year appeared in their second episode of Boardwalk Empire! To keep up to date make sure to visit their Official Website!

1. What was it like working with Susan Lucci?

We didn't see Susan a lot when in our dressing rooms but when the boys had scenes with her she was super sweet with them. I think Alexander liked her the most out of all of them because he gave her a kiss after one of the scenes in Kendall's living room.

2. How did the boys like working with Scott/Adriana/Blake and Caden/Luc and Cole?

It was always such a fun time in the studio when all the kids were together. The boys were always fascinated by the "babies" even though they were quite the babies themselves. The kids always played and interacted well together.

3. How did the boys like returning to Boardwalk Empire?

This time around the work the boys did on Boardwalk Empire was more extensive and a little longer. They are social boys so they loved being around everyone again however, the scene that Ben shot was a little tough because behind the scenes Stephen Graham is such a gentle and sweet man so they were a little caught off guard when he had to yell at them. They got treated like kings though and enjoyed their time.

4. Who filmed the scene where Sonny learns how to fight and how did the boys get ready for crying in the scene?

The final cut was with Benjamin. When it came to crying it wasn't prepped. I am sure any 6 year old who is being held at and shook by a stranger is liable to get upset. They did that scene a few times and every time it ended Stephen went back to his normal sweet self and the talked to Ben about how this isn't real and Stephen really took to ensure Ben understood that.

5. What was it like attending the Boardwalk Empire wrap party?

It was surreal but to be honest, I had fun shopping for the boys If you didn't see the photos they were all in black dress pants, a white button down shirt and a black tie, with a black stripped fedora. They were quite a hit with both the cast and crew as well as guests that were there. They had quite a few people that wanted to take a photo with them and they were excited to do that. We were excited to meet some of the cast as well that we didn't meet while filming.

6. What is your favorite scene(s) the boys did for AMC?

The ones that stick out with me are the ones where we worked on the kidnapping scene because while they weren't filming the boys were blowing raspberries at Alicia and Sabine haha. And then the one scene where Ryan and Annie were holding "Spike" and Ryan did the ASL for "daddy" and Ben did it back. I remember everyone on set was just in awe and the director was like "DID YOU GET THAT!?" in a quite backstage voice of course.

7. Who was your favorite person/people to work with on All My Children?

Really everyone on the show was superb and we really were upset when the show moved to LA and even more so when it was cancelled but I can't deny the fact that the boys all really loved Alicia Minshew. We keep in touch to this day and know that she will find success in whatever she does. She was always so sweet and mindful with the boys and always stopped by to see them in their room. But cast aside, the crew was incredible! Gregg and Robin and everyone from wardrobe and hair & make-up made the boys feel welcome as well! The hair & make up crew was always willing to share a cookie or two and Gregg helped teach the boys how to blow raspberries We keep in touch with them as well, thank goodness for Face Book.

8. Have the boys gotten to watch their old AMC episodes?

They haven't but I think it'd be something they will definitely enjoy. They have watched their scenes from BE and were congratulating each other on a job well done. It was really sweet.

9. What is your favorite AMC memory?

The whole thing was really quite a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so happy the boys had that opportunity. Between recording their episodes, having a journal log, and a beautiful website that documents even more of their journey the whole experience itself is a memory and we will all look back at that and share and remember the times we had. Even the side events like meeting the crew from The View and the variety of guests that were on there as well.

We'd like to thank Alex, Ben, Caleb, and their family for participating in this year's Holiday Q&A event!