Star-Kidz Holiday Q&A 2008

1. Which one of the boys is used the most as Spike?
In the beginning it was pretty evenly spaced out but as time went on Caleb and Ben seemed to want to go on set more often than not. We shot a lot in the beginning when we started in June 2007 but then went through the holidays with little filming so when they started back up again Alexander was a little afraid to go on set so he rarely did any scenes in the beginning of 2008. However, a lot of the scenes you've seen recently have been with Alexander. He actually WANTS to wear the cochlear implant!! He was the one who was the most afraid of Thorston and now he goes right to him!

2. How did the boys get into the business?
People always told us we should get the boys involved in tv/film etc because they were triplets and so on and so forth. When the boys were born I joined the valley forge mothers of twins and triplets club and one of the members sent out an email about a website called so i checked it out and signed up for their newsletter. Sometime late may 2007 a newsletter was sent out casting for 13 month old identical boys with brown hair and blue eyes. I saw it and thought "hey, I have 3 of them!" So I sent their photos in for consideration. We happened to be up in North Jersey the first weekend in June 2007 for the boys birthday party and I received a phone call from Debbie at Twins talent letting me know that ABC/All My Children liked the photo and wanted the boys to come in for an audition. We had originally planned on leaving to go home to Pa on Monday but prolonged our visit so we could go into NYC on that tuesday. We went in and had our audition, which was actually pretty cool because Thorston was in the casting office during our audition and he came over and began talking to my boys and they were having fun so that was a plus! Three days later we received a phone call from Debbie saying we were booked with All My Children and we begin monday(it was friday when she called me to tell me this!) We had our studio tour and the rest is history! =)

3. How does the boys feel about wearing the implants?
At first they were a little resistant to the implants as expected since they don't actually wear it in real life. The representative from the company who owns the implant and AMC allowed me to take one home to give the boys time to get used to it and see that it's ok. We don't actually put the implant on them until a few minutes before our time to go on set. Recently though, Alexander actually enjoys using it.

4. How do the boys like all the little ones on the set?
The boys really enjoy spending time with all the other children. Our room sometimes ends up being the play room for the children that are in the studio that day and it's great! They keep each other entertained! Even little Scott gets in the mix! It's nice when a bunch of the children are in the studio together because they can all play together and keep each other entertained, especially on the longer days.

5. Is there any actors on AMC the boys enjoy being in the company of but do not get to film with?
The boys really liked Amanda Baker! They really didnt' get to interact with her on the set but she was ALWAYS coming to see them and playing with them! Funny thing is the boys really loved spending time with Sabine too! Her room was across from ours and she was always over talking with and playing with the boys. We were all upset when we heard the stars were leaving the show. They all love the cast they work with now obviously and enjoy being able to "play" with them on the set too!

6. Which of the boys sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the 11-20 episode?
When AMC told us that the boys would be doing a voice-over song for an upcoming episode I was excited and worried. I was worried because although the boys can talk they are still building their vocabulary and really didn't know any songs fully. I was excited because our oldest son Christian knew Twinkle Twinkle little star and I was pretty confident that he'd LOVE to be on set singing! We ran it past casting and production and they thought it was a great idea! Michale took the boys into NYC and we did try with Ben and Alex with no luck to see if they'd sing the song and then it was Christians big moment. He went into the booth and sang it twice through in one take and that's what you heard on the show that day! He was so proud of himself when he heard it live! =)

7. Does each boy have a favorite actor on the set?
If so, who? They had favorites when they were just starting. Caleb and Christian really like Alicia a lot!! Ben is a flirt and loves everyone! Alex took a liking to Susan Lucci. everytime they have a scene together he's always cuddling on her and hugging her. The actors/actresses are always so great witht he boys and the boys have really grown to love them all!

8. What was the experience like filming the Diaper Genie commercials?
It was weird having a camera crew in the house filming everything. They were a lot of fun though and the boys were always curious about the camera equiptment. It was nice that people could see that Michael does a lot more than most men when it comes to a chaotic household of children! Our friend Tom was our "Top Nose" person. He and his wife Doreen have been lifesavers for us. They have helped us with the boys since the triplets were born. They helped us watch them, cooked dinner for us, babysat last minute moments when things came up and Tom got to star in his first online commercial smelling baby stuff! =)

9. How do the boys like working with Jessalyn?
Jessayln is really sweet with the boys. I think there were two girls sharing the role of Rachel in the beginning. Both were really sweet and made a point to come and say hi to the boys and interact with them before the scenes. They are always such quick scenes tho. Usually "Rachel" is bringing them in or out of the house and then straight to another room.

10. How do the boys like working with Alicia, Thorsten, and Cameron?
All FOUR of my boys absolutely love Lish! Caleb was more prone to go to her and give her kisses when he was younger. Now all of them, more wiser in their older years, all give hugs and kisses when they can to Lish! Cameron and Thorston are naturals with the boys having children themselves. The boys, especially Alexander, were a little shy of TK for a while because he is such a big guy and a little overwhelming for a tiny tot but as you can see anymore the boys love being with any of them. I don't remember who did the scene but I knew their caution with TK was over when one of the boys gave him a kiss during a scene. =)
We would let the boys stay up a little bit later once in a while when Cam was on DWTS so we could all dance and cheer for him! Then of course we did the same when Susan Lucci was on. All the actors have made me really comfortable having my children on set. I remember a scene Lish was doing where she was wearing heels and was holding one of my boys and had to sit down in a chair but the chair started moving when she tried. She immediately stood up and said she's not doing it, that either she needed flat shoes or a chair that didn't move. I know the boys are always in good hands whether I can be on set or not. They all have their best interest in mind and especially doing the car crash and hospital scenes it was a relief to know all that. There was a scene early on where "Ryan" took "Spike" to the park and before they actually shot that scene Cameron was playing with Ben by holding him up flying and Ben was just laughing so much! That's what keeps this experience so special, the boys enjoy being there and being around everyone both on and off set!

Thanks for all the wonderful questions and all the support for the boys the last year and a half!
<3 The Spikes - Alexander, Benjamin, Caleb (and Christian too!)

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