Before entering the gallery there are a few rules and statements that must be read:

01. The images displayed in this gallery are property of the Eckstein family or their respectful owners
02. No images are to be removed from the gallery without the expressed permission of the family and the webmiss
03. Fan videos are okay for youtube but they must obey the following:

i. All media used must be from the gallery, and only the gallery.
ii. All tags must remain on the photos.
iii. All videos must be about the Eckstein children, NO roleplaying, NO stories etc.
iv. All lyrics in the songs must be child friendly. If you question the appropriateness of the lyrics, don't use it.
v. Credit must be given to the site and a link back to the site

04. If you are role playing the character of 'Spike Lavery' please stick to episode stills and screencaps. Do not use personal photos of the boys.
05. If you have any questions or concerns about any images in the gallery please Contact Us

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