Alexander Eckstein

Alexander Vail Eckstein was born on April 21, 2006, the eldest of the triplets at Paoli Hospital in Pennsylvania. He and his triplet brothers Benjamin and Caleb took home the award for being the first set of triplets born at that particular hospital and soon his family found themselves sought out by the local press for interviews appearing both online and the local news channel.

Alex, Ben and Caleb took over the role of Spike Lavery on ABC's All My Children in spring 2007. Right away they were involved in one of the show's big summer storylines where Spike was involved in a car crash and it is later discovered he is deaf. The boys saw a lot of airtime in the summer months playing out the storyline alongside talents such as Cameron Mathison (Dancing with the Stars, EXTRA) and the Queen of Daytime herself Susan Lucci. Alex and his brothers last aired in early 2010 with the show's move to the west coast.

Outside of the soap Alex and his brothers worked on a variety of projects both during the time of filming and after the show's departure from the east coast. Alex was seen in the film Ghost Town opposite Ricky Gervais in a scene and he and his family filmed a series of commercials for Diaper Genie. He and his brothers were also seen in episodes of Boardwalk Empire and Ugly Betty.

Nowadays Alex is very involved in sports as a member of both a traveling baseball team and a local soccer team.